Cost of Living: Vietnam

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Moving overseas is a big decision and it's often hard to know which place is the best fit for your situation. The cost of living is a major factor, but so too is the culture fit, the quality of life, and more. 

Discover the cost of living in various areas of Vietnam with real budget and living ranges, as well as a breakdown of what those expats were able to buy with their budget — what type of apartment or house did they rent, how often do they eat out, and what does their medical care look like?

This guide covers: 

- Why expats choose Vietnam. 

- The expected quality of expat life in the country's most popular expat spots. 

- A breakdown of food, accommodation, transportation, and more — all with an eye toward what expats are looking for in the places they live. 

- Recommended cultural readings and books that will help you further your research.

- Anecdotes and firsthand advice from a former expat who has lived in Southeast Asia.

As a bonus, I offer a list of unexpected questions you should ask yourself when comparing two destinations and deciding where to live. These questions will help you narrow your options according to the criteria that really matter to your unique situation.

2 ratings
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Cost of Living: Vietnam

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