How Much Does it Cost to Travel the World?

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Have you dreamed of taking a round the world trip? You know the countries you'd love to visit. You even know which activities you'll experience. 

Trekking in Nepal. Hiking to Machu Picchu. Diving in Australia! 

But how much will your dream trip cost?

When you read other people's trip budgets online, it's anyone's guess how your own trip will compare. Personal travel styles impact every trip budget. This leaves too much ambiguity for those saving for their own round the world trip. Can you imagine how awful it would be to leave on a long-term trip and run out of savings before the end?

My sole purpose in this guide is to show you how to create an accurate anticipated budget for your dream trip around the world. 

No matter your personal situation, this guide demystifies trip budgets and teaches you how to budget for your own travel style. You'll find knowledge from my own experiences affording eight years of world travel with advice from dozens of other long-term travelers. 

This guide is laser-focused on empowering you to realistically budget for the exact trip that you want to take. It's a followup to the author's "How to Save for World Travel" — a guide to actually putting habits and processes in place to save for a RTW trip.

This guide: 

  • uses case studies and real-world estimates; you'll examine several other trip budgets from long-term travelers, and then learn how to break down the budget for your own trip. 
  • provides specific daily budget averages for countries and regions based on your personal travel style.
  • includes a flexible budget worksheet to calculate and view every potential part of your travel budget. You can play with the time spent in each country, as well as the experience and watch how your travel choices impact your overall budget.
  • suggests areas where you can cut travel expenses and helps you understand where you might want to pad your budget because of your own travel lifestyle choices.
  • helps you build a comprehensive round the world trip budget that includes all the countries, activities, and expenses unique to your situation. 

A comprehensive companion worksheet leads you through each stage of the saving and budgeting process. No matter where you are in the process of planning a long-term trip, this guide offers practical, actionable advice that you can implement immediately.

By the end of the book, you will: 

  • have a functional and practical budget designed to allow you to save for your dream trip. 
  • learn how to increase the amount of money you're saving for travel each month.
  • plan a route around the world that best optimizes your travel goals with a realistic budget tailored to your goals and savings abilities.
  • understand how your travel style impacts your budget, as well as ideas on what that travel style will buy you in locations around the world.
  • have an exact estimate, a single figure that represents the cost of your dream trip around the world.

This guide took many months to research, interview, and edit. This is a secure platform, and an easy way to buy a copy of the guide.


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How Much Does it Cost to Travel the World?

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